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About SVIT NSS Unit

The National Service scheme (NSS) is an Indian government-sponsored public service program conducted by department of Youth Affairs and Sports of the Government of India which was begun in 1969. Its primary aim is personality development through social (or community) service. The NSS motto is “Not Me, Not You but We”

Most government and government-aided institutions (schools and colleges) have volunteer NSS units, and private institutions are encouraged to have NSS volunteers. A unit typically comprises 50 – 60 students. They are managed internally by responsible party from the school (or college), who reports the regional NSS coordinator.

The social activities aim to include social welfare in students, and to provide service to society without bias. NSS volunteers work to ensure that everyone who is needy gets help to enhance their standard of living and lead life of dignity. The Sai Vidya Institute of Technology students actively participated in events conducted on behalf of Sai Vidya Institute of Technology NSS unit.

The NSS unit of the college has 500 student members and approved by VTU. The unit is headed by Dr. Harish H T, Chief Librarian &NSS Program Officer.

Activities Organized by SVIT NSS Unit

1. Blood Donation Camp in association with LIONs Club Bangalore South.


2. SwachhBharathPakwada program in association with RajanukunteGramaPanchyath.


3. Tree Adoption program in association with Happy World Foundation, Bengaluru.


4. Pulse Polio Camp in Rajanukute in association with Government primary Health Care Centre Rajanukunte, Bengaluru.Date: 2/4/2017 &30/04/2017

All NSS Volunteers assembled at Rajanukunte Government Hospital at 8:00AM.All volunteer were split into 7 teams and sent to 7 different areas (RajanukunteBus stop,Avalahalli,Signayakanahalli,Adhiganahalli,Ramagondhnahalli,parvathipura and Rajanukunte).Departed to allocated booths set up over there around 8:30AM.Each booths almost covered an average of 4 pupils and an overall children covered were 5000.Also  the volunteers  had  been to high risk  areas  and  motivated  the people  over there about polio medicine  and  made  it a great  success  at last.The staff of government hospital and various Anganavadi staffs and Ashaworkers were very happy about dedicated service of the NSS volunteers of Sai Vidya Institute of Technology, Bengaluru.Finally,the pulse polio event was a successful event.


5. Organized Dr. B. R. Ambedkar Birth anniversary as JalDiwas in association with CWC (Central Water Commission, Govt. Of India) Seminar to the farmers of Rajanukunte village, to how to utilize the water resources.

Celebration of Dr.BabasahebBhimRaoAmbedkarJayanthi as “JalDiwas”

As per the communication from VTU and Govt. of India, Dr.BabasahebBhimRaoAmbedkarJayanthi was celebrated on 14th April 2017 as “JalDiwas ” in association with  Central Water Commission at SVIT.

Event focused on the bringing the awareness to promote “JalKrantiAbhiyan” amongst the people and especially farmers of Rajanukunte, one of the identified “Jal Gram”. Jaldiwas was celebrated at SVIT Auditirium Chaired by the chief Guest Sri. S.R. Vishwanath , MLA Yelahanka and officers of CWCSri.M,Shivaswamy, DiretorCADA Karnataka, Shri. K M Vishwanath, CGWB Bengaluru and PDO Rajesh H R Rajanukunte Gram Panchayath, Shri. M R Holla Director SVIT and Dr. Ramesh Babu H S Principal of SVIT .More than hundred formers have actively taken part in the event and made it a grand success in the very short notice. NSS unit of Sai Vidya has successfully organized the event.


6 Slow Down Save Lives Event on 12th May 2017.

As per the communication from VTU and Govt. of India, 12th May 2017 was conducted as Slow Down Save Lives in JananaGanaga Auditorium Bengaluru University and in Sai Vidya Institute of Technology. 


7. From our college 2 NSS volunteers deputed for 7 days leadership camp organised by VTU, Belagavi. (Report Enclosed by Deputed NSS Volunteers)



Day 1:

We have reached the Visvesvaraya Technological University campus around 9 Am. The officials welcomed us by giving us T shirts,Cap,NSS diary, Event List and allotting us rooms in newly constructed hostel. After breakfast we had self introduction of volunteersfrom all the colleges gathered together. Later we had inaugural function of NSS camp Hon’ble Vice chancellor Dr.Karisiddappa inaugurated the Leadership Camp where Basavaraj Patil Forest officer was chief guest of the function. The faculty program officers made us into 5 groups and named with 5 great leaders of India.The last part of the day was cultural activities done by friends from SGBITcollegeBelagavi.

Day 2:

It was Actual first day of our Camp where we woke up at morning 5 hoisted the NSS flag at 5:45 followed by meditation in the auditorium by Heartfulness Meditation team.After having groups 1,4,5 went to shramadan in VTU campus where groups 2and 3 went for shramadan in biodiversity park located opposite to VTU campus. Team 1 was the hosting team for Day 2.Their Duty was to provide water, serve snacks etc.After lunch we had 3 sessions. Dr.Kiran gave talk on “Mindset of Champions” ,second session handled by Mr.Sanjeev on the topic of “Positive Thinking” which gave us the importance of positive thinking for success in life. Third Session was handled by Mr.Anandshetty who taught us the Mantra of innovators. The excitement as well as team work of the camp reflected in Street play in evening. The topic in which whole 5 teams performed street play was “BetiBachavoBetiPadavo” .At 5:30 sharp we de-hoisted flag and student commando handed over the flag to group 2 who is the hosting team for day 3.Followed by cultural activities performed by each group in auditorium.

Day 3:

The day was repeat of Day 2 till noon. The afternoon had 2 sessions which was lead by Dr.M.M.Munshi and Dr.ChidanandGavimath. The first session was about Importance of Young Leaders for betterment of india. Dr.Munshi motivated us by telling stories of great personalities of India like Mahatma Gandhiji,Sardar Patel etc.Dr.Chidanand gave a brief talk on Bo-fuel.Followed by Street play on the topic “Impact of Demonetization”.  At sharp 5:30 we   de- hoisted the NSS flag and student commander handed over the flag to group 3 who is hosting team for day 4. The day ended with cultural activities.

Day 4:

Other than Usual Shramadhaan, Cultural activities we had 3 sessions in afternoon. First session was about time management in real life lead by Dr.A M Kadakkol who gave Useful tips for our life exams which we are going to face. Second sessionwas about “Positive Psychology” taken by Dr.Shanmukh who taught us the importance of Positive thinking for success in life. Third talk was on “Psychological first aid” by Dr.Misale Indian red cross. Followed by Street play on the topic “Child labour”. At sharp 5:30 we De-hoisted the NSS flag and student commander handed over the flag to group 4 who is hosting team for day 5. The day ended with cultural activities.

Day 5:

After hoisting the NSSflag,meditation,breakfast,Shramadan& lunch we moved to afternoon Session which was engaged by 3 personalities. Dr.Shivashankar K who gave a talk on Personality development followed by Mrs.Swatee jog who conveyed the art of powerful communication .The session helped the people to gain confidence for facing interview’s .Dr.Shailaja taught students the importance of health and nutrition .Followed by Street play on the topic “Social Media”. At sharp 5:30 we De-hoisted the NSS flag and student commander handed over the flag to group 5 who is hosting team for day 6. The day ended with cultural activities.

Day 6:

The day started with flag hoisting,meditation followed by Shramadan. Afternoon session was taken by 3 experts,Prof. S R Bharamanaikar who gave talk on Emotional intelligence and Leadership followed by Dr.Yasmin Begum who gave talk on “Women entrepreneurship” .Third talk was on Value of attitude for successful and happy life taken by Dr.BasavarajKudchimath. As our Team Was the Organizing team for the day we didn’t had the chance of participating in street play where other 4 teams competed on the topic “Road Safety”. At sharp 5:30 we De- hoisted the NSS flag and student commander handed over the flag to NSS Surprise group who is hosting team for day 7. Followed by cultural activities .After 9 Deepothsavam was held in ground where 401 lights were lightened and Rangoli was drawn on the theme of dream of a women & her safety in india. The Day ended with Emotional Feelings of volunteers as it was their last camp night in VTU campus.

Day 7:

The last and final day started with full of emotions in volunteers. After Usual NSS flag hoist at morning 5:30 everyone went for cleaning their hostel Primises& Dining Hall. After Breakfast everyone took photos with friends, Program Officers as a token of memory and love towards them. The Valedictory function started at 11 which was lead by Dr.JagannathaReddy, Registrar VTU .KundanBasavaraj ,NSS Co-Ordinator of KuvempuUniversity,was the chief guest .Dr.Appasaba Patil ,NSS Programme Co-ordinator were present.

The Leadership camp in which more than 350 students from various part of Karnataka took part ended by lunch and farewell.