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Study Material-CV

Study Material-CV

Study Material-Civil Engineering


III Semester

V Semester

VII Semester


15CV31 Engineering Mathematics III

15CV32 Strength of Materials

15CV33 Fluid Mechanics

15CV34 Basic Surveying

15CV35 Engineering Geology

15CV36 Building Material and Construction

15CV51 Design of RCC Structural Elements

15CV52 Analysis of Indeterminate Structures

15CV53 Applied Geotechnical Engineering

15CV54 Computer Aided Building Drawing

15CV551 Air Pollution and Control

15CV553 Design of Masonary Structures

15CV561 Traffic Engineering

15CV563 Remote Sensing and GIS

10CV71 Environmental Engineering II

10CV72 Design of Steel Structures

10CV73 Estimation and Valuation

10CV74 Design of Pre Stressed Concrete Structrues

10CV753 Design of Masonary Structures

10CV755 Highway Geometric Design

10CV757 Solid Waste Management

10CV765 Air Pollution and Control