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Study Material-EEE

Study Material-EEE

Study Material-EEE


IV Semester

VI Semester

VIII Semester


15EE41 Engineering Mathematics IV

15EE42 Power Generation and Economics

15EE43 Transmission and Distribution

15EE44 Electric Motors

15EE45 Electromagnetic Field Theory

15EE46 Operational Amplifiers and Linear ICs

15EE61 Control Systems

15EE62 Power System Analysis - I

15EE63 Digital Signal Processing

15EE64 Electrical Machine Design

15EE651 CAED(ComputerAidedElectricalDrawing)

15EE662 Sensors and Transducers

10EE81 Electrical Design, Estimating and Costing

10EE82 Power System Operation and Control

10EE836 Renewable Energy Sources

10EE842 Energy Auditing & Demandside Management